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Zushi Puzzle

So I finally remembered to take photos at Zushi Puzzle.  It is literally the best sushi in San Francisco but I will say that Sushi In is a very close second!  Everything is so fresh that it comes to your table still moving.  That may sound gross but that’s true for the live uni which … Continue reading »

Sushi In Again!

            House Salad: Mixed green salad, tomato, and avocado with ginger vinegar dressing. Sushi In anyone?  Yes please.  Once again my husband found ourselves at our beloved Sushi In.  It’s great sushi at a great price.  Zushi Puzzle is still just a tad better but it comes with a high … Continue reading »

Sushi In

I may have a problem but I did mention that I adore sushi.  Well, I have another city favorite that may be as good as Zushi Puzzle.   Sushi In is the newest sushi addition to the Marina district of San Francisco.  The sushi is excellent.  It is pretty affordable compared to other places.  It isn’t … Continue reading »

The Best Sushi in Menlo Park

If you’re looking for sushi in Menlo Park, California, Akasaka is the place for you.  It isn’t cheap but it’s good.  Is it the best sushi I’ve ever had?  No, Zushi Puzzle is still my number one but Akasaka is definitely in the top 5.  Now, I’m no sushi expert but I’ve had more than my fair share of … Continue reading »

Tanpopo Restaurant & Bar

I love Japan Town in San Francisco.  I find true gems that are good, cheap and always a great experience.   I always leave happy and extremely satisfied.   This time I decided to try Tanpopo  Restaurant and Bar.  It didn’t look like anything special from the outside but it was busting inside.  The locals were all … Continue reading »

Ace Wasabi

When you ask most people what their comfort for is they might say, “French fries, chocolate, chips,” or something somewhat normal.  Mine is sushi.  I love it.  I could eat it all the time.  Seriously, all the time!  It’s so good but only when it comes from a good place.  Besides my ultimate favorite go-to place (Zushi … Continue reading »