How to Build a Cheese Plate for Two

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I feel like this week is my week of giving you practical thangs to eat (see: Monday and Wednesday)! And now…this! I love gawking at those crazy cheese boards all over Instagram but realistically most of us won’t make one of those. Or maybe we will but it’ll be for a big party or around the holidays when we have twenty people over. But sometimes I want to eat a cheese plate for dinner but it’s just Josh and me. Or maybe it’s just for a girlfriend/dude friend and me. Or just me and my mom. I could eat appetizers for dinner and do all the time (especially when Josh is working late or out with his friends and I’m on my own). Seriously, me wanting to eat an appetizer for dinner is Josh’s worst nightmare. Nothing makes him give me a gigantic eyeroll more than when I tell him, “I’m not really that hungry, I kinda just wanna snack.” NO. He is a meal person. I understand. Most of the time I am too but sometimes I just wanna eat this! For him, this type of situation constitutes as pre-gaming. Regardless, I figured I’d share how I build a […]

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