Perfect Instant Pot Whole Chicken and Veggies

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Happy Tuesday, friends! You guys know by now how I feel about my Instant Pot…the thing is a miracle worker! As a busy mama of two little ones, it’s now the culinary tool I recommend most to new moms. Seriously. I use mine about once or twice a week and I’ve only been let down once (spaghetti in the IP…not a fan). Anyway, I finally tried doing a whole chicken in it the other day and was not let down. It turned out absolutely perfect and took only 45 minutes start to finish, and that includes the time it took for the pressure to come back down.  You guys HAVE to try this — it makes dinner so ridiculously easy and my kids cleaned their plates. They have both been sick (the dreaded hand, foot, mouth – thanks, preschool germs) and I was thrilled to get something so healthy and comforting into them after days of no appetite at all.  I based this on a recipe I used to make quite often — slow cooker whole chicken. All I do for that is just cook a whole chicken, sweet potatoes and carrots in the slow cooker for five hours until it’s […]

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