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La Folie isn’t your average restaurant.  It is an experience.  This is fine dining defined.  It is not for the light hearted or penny pincher’s.  La Folie is amazing but it’s hard on your pocket book.  I had the pleasure to experience this cuisine only because it was my 4 year dating anniversary with my husband.  We have our first wedding anniversary next month and I’m sure we’ll do something just as special.

Most people who dine at La Folie are celebrating anniversaries, birthdays or special event.  However, after speaking with the waiter who was the most detailed waiter we’ve ever had he did tell us that they do have regulars.  La Folie is a Contemporary French restaurant with a Michelin star, 4 stars from the San Francisco Chronicle and 4 stars from San Francisco Magazine.   So expect to pay at a minimum for two people $350 and that’s if you aren’t drinking or ordering extras or even a full menu.  That being said, I truly believe that you would leave very satisfied if you ordered the very minimum.  Each portion is large and not dainty by any means.

How it works.  You can either order a prefix meal of five courses or order three to five course however you wish.  Meaning, you could have two appetizers, and a main dish or one appetizer, one small plate, one main dish and two desserts.  The combinations are endless but they always recommend only getting one main dish because they are pretty substantial.  We ordered one extra dish off a separate menu plus four courses for me and four for my husband.  That way we could share the dessert course.  It was a lot of food!  Next time we might only do three courses each.

So let the party begin!
Celebratory cocktails are a must

Then the kitchen surprised us with yummy little amuse-bouche!  Just something extra for coming in to dine with them.
This tomato was stuffed with a cream filling of some sort.  The presentation was simple and dish divine.
socialfood_lafolie4 socialfood_lafolie5 socialfood_lafolie6
Tripe T Ranch Egg Amuse Bouche
(This egg dish was so pretty and unique)

Then we ordered an extra:
socialfood_lafolie7 socialfood_lafolie8 socialfood_lafolie9
Russian Osetra Caviar served withPotato Blinis and Lobster Crème Fraiche.  (We had just been to a friend’s Russian Easter Party where they served a dish similar to this and we were in love! So we had order it!)

1st course:


Poached Octopus and Uni Salad with Preserved Lemon and Avocado Mousse, Dashi Gelée
(I ordered this dish and it was amazing.  My husband liked it better than his order.)

socialfood_lafolie11 socialfood_lafolie12
Dungeness Crab Salad
(His order.  It was good but not as good)
2nd Course:

Lobster and Mushroom Risotto with Leeks and Lobster Broth
(As good as it looks!)

socialfood_lafolie14 socialfood_lafolie17
Sautéed Burgundy Snails, in Pernod Lemon Butter, Parsley, Bone Marrow Gratin

3rd Course: (My husband just got this one so my 4th course would be our shared dessert)
socialfood_lafolie18 socialfood_lafolie19
Seared Bay Boat Scallop and Sautéed Sweetbreads with Wild Mushroom, Almond Pistou and Truffle Bacon Vinaigrette
(I forgot to take a picture of the before so I took of the almost after.  You can see that we liked the dish a lot)

4th Course: the Main Dishes
socialfood_lafolie20 socialfood_lafolie21
Roasted Emigh Farm Lamb Rack with Butter Beans, Chorizo, and Taggiasca Olive Lamb Jus

socialfood_lafolie22 socialfood_lafolie23 socialfood_lafolie24
Liberty Farm Duck Break and Crispy Duck Confit Gateau and Duck Tongue
(Wasn’t the biggest fan of the duck tongue but the rest was amazing. I’m a huge duck fan so this dish was just right!)

Another surprise Amuse Bouche!
Fresh Tuna with Crème Fraiche and Avocado

5th Course: Dessert
socialfood_lafolie26 socialfood_lafolie27 socialfood_lafolie28
Everything was good! I was basically in food coma by now.

Then one last surprise from the kitchen and our meal was complete!
socialfood_lafolie29 socialfood_lafolie30

Did I mention that Chef Roland Passot came out at the end of the meal to make sure that everything was okay.  All and all, it was amazing service, atmosphere and most importantly food.  I highly recommend this place if your in mood for something really special.


2316 Polk St.
San Francisco, CA 94109

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