This January I went Terzo for a friend’s birthday dinner and was blown away.  Located in Cow Hollow, this Italian restaurant had me urging for more.   Terzo is a casual but yet sophisticated restaurant that features both small and large plates.   This interesting combo allows you to try a variety of small meals or opt for a more classic dinning experience.  It offers classic Italian wines at reasonable prices but with complex flavors.  All and all, this dinning experience is a win win for all types of individuals looking for both amazing cuisine, local produce and the perfect mix of casual and chic environment.


Mixed Green Salad
Simple and yet refreshing 

Roasted Hummus with House made pita & za’atar
By far the most AMAZING hummus and pita bread I have ever consumed.  If I could only have one thing at this restaurant, it would be this and I’m not even a big fan of hummus…until now!

Tomato Braised Pork Meatballs with Creamy Polenta
So delicious!  I ate this the first time and it was amazing.  The second time, I didn’t because I’ve decided to only eat chicken, duck, turkey and fish.  I’m crossing my figures that they will offer a turkey meatball alternative.


Creamy mushrooms with crispy polenta
I could eat plates and plates of this.  I wish I had another taste to describe the favors and experience the way this dish deserves.


3011 Steiner Street at Union
San Francisco, CA 94123

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