Sushi In Again!







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House Salad: Mixed green salad, tomato, and avocado with ginger vinegar dressing.

Sushi In anyone?  Yes please.  Once again my husband found ourselves at our beloved Sushi In.  It’s great sushi at a great price.  Zushi Puzzle is still just a tad better but it comes with a high price.  One thing I never order at a sushi restaurant is salad but I have to say that I love this one.  It’s a simple house salad but it’s simply perfect.
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Sake Sashimi: Salmon
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Scallop Blaster: Deep fried hokkaido scallop with spicy sweet sauce.
This is pure decadence. It reminds me of Walnut Prawns from any chinese restaurant.  They are so tasty and incredibly unhealthy.
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The Niner Hand Roll: Spicy tuna with salmon, lemon zest and spicy tobiko
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The Rainbow Roll: California roll with 5 kinds of fish.

2280 Chestnut St
(between Scott St & Avila St)
San Francisco, CA 94123 

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