Café Castagna Take 2

Ever had pure decadence?  Well, pictured above is just that.  Since our first trip to Café Castagna, we have returned numerous times.  However, this last visit we sat at the bar and chatted with the owner, Stephane and other head chef.  It is an experience that I highly recommend.  By the time dessert rolled up, we were stuffed and about to leave.  But then we were offered a Beignet which we just couldn’t say no to.

The Beignets at Café Castagna are offered either plain or stuffed with something equally sinful.  So we opted for the Nutella stuffing.

Everything we’ve had at  Café Castagna is amazing but I have to stay that the Beignet has risen to the top of my favorites along with the mussels.  So if you try nothing else than the Beignets at  Café Castagna you’ll have left in complete success.


Location: The Marina
2015 Chestnut Street @ Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

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