The Golden Triangle!


Love love love the Golden Triangle.  The Golden Triangle is Northern Thailand, Loas and Myanmar also known as Burma.  It is this amazing place where all three countries literally touch one another but are separated by a river.  It is an incredible area with a rich history, beautiful people, amazing cultures, and truly breath taking scenery.  It is also the home of Asian Elephants!

It is also the home of the opium and heroin trade but that’s an entirely different and sad story that is quite interesting.

But, I rather show you elephants because they are amazing!

Elephants love sugar cane!  Fun Fact: Elephants don’t cry.  Their eyes are consistently cleaning themselves which is why they look like they are crying.
The most beautiful and amazing animal out there.  They are so loving and social!  I’m amazed by them.  They are actually a very social and bonded that they live within their herd forever…well all the girls do.  The guys get kicked out.
Baby elephant playing after a bath!  Elephants are incredibly playful and silly.  They are considered babies until their early teens and can live into their 80’s much like a human.

Now she’s rubbing on the tree for a quick scratch.  Elephants have very sensitive skin which they keep moisturized by coating with mud.


What’s up!  I’m on an elephant…she’s only 53 years old and the matriarch of the herd.

If you want to learn more, check out this amazing organization, Think Elephant International!  Elephants are truly one of the most interesting and amazing creatures you’ll ever learn about.  Honestly, I think people should know more about elephants so they understand how important they are to the eco-system as well as our society.  Scientist are discovering that elephants are one of the smartest mammals on the plant and are being grouped with humans, dolphins and chimps.   Sadly, they are being eliminated in both Asia and Africa.  Right now in Africa there is a huge problem with poachers killing elephants for their tusks, even in protected national parks.  In Asia, they are losing habitat due to expanding cities and towns.  There is so much to tell and I could write about them for days but I won’t.  So go out for yourself and check it out.  Seriously!


Okay, now for the food of Northern Thailand.  Below are pictures from the most amazing market I have ever witnessed.

Yum, chicken just hanging out without proper refrigeration.

socialfoods_northernthailand57 socialfoods_northernthailand55
Sometime, I think…I really need a pig leg for our dish..don’t you!?
Yes, this makes me want to eat pork.
socialfoods_northernthailand53 socialfoods_northernthailand52 socialfoods_northernthailand51 socialfoods_northernthailand50 socialfoods_northernthailand49 socialfoods_northernthailand47 socialfoods_northernthailand48
Even our tour guide didn’t know what this was and he was a professional chef.
socialfoods_northernthailand46 socialfoods_northernthailand45 socialfoods_northernthailand44

socialfoods_northernthailand43 socialfoods_northernthailand42 socialfoods_northernthailand41 socialfoods_northernthailand40 socialfoods_northernthailand39 socialfoods_northernthailand34 socialfoods_northernthailand35
These were really good.  It’s favored rice wrapped in banana leaves.  The perfect breakfast or snack.
Fresh noodles!
Chili paste

socialfoods_northernthailand38socialfoods_northernthailand33 socialfoods_northernthailand32 socialfoods_northernthailand31 socialfoods_northernthailand30 socialfoods_northernthailand29 socialfoods_northernthailand28 socialfoods_northernthailand27 socialfoods_northernthailand26 socialfoods_northernthailand25 socialfoods_northernthailand1.5 socialfoods_northernthailand1.4 socialfoods_northernthailand1.3
Thai coffee! So good and made with cream.
I always buy my chicken with their heads on, don’t you? socialfoods_northernthailand1.1
The foundation for most Thai dishes, Kaffir Lime Leaves.


The food: One thousand times better than Central and Southern Thailand.  They can cook both Asian and Western food PERFECTLY!
Coconut rice dessert which we learned how to make later on.
socialfoods_northernthailand19 socialfoods_northernthailand18
This was a steak…I was craving one and it was good!
socialfoods_northernthailand17 socialfoods_northernthailand16
Thai whiskeys…so strong.
socialfoods_northernthailand14 socialfoods_northernthailand13 socialfoods_northernthailand12 socialfoods_northernthailand11
Amazing pizza! Not Thai
The place we stayed had an amazing Italian restaurant which we enjoyed a few times.  Like I said, Thai food is great but sometimes you just want a bit of home!  These dishes hit the spot!
socialfoods_northernthailand8 socialfoods_northernthailand7 socialfoods_northernthailand6 socialfoods_northernthailand5 socialfoods_northernthailand4 socialfoods_northernthailand3 socialfoods_northernthailand2 socialfoods_northernthailand1


As you can see, we eat really well in Northern Thailand and the Golden Triangle.  It is a place that I’ll be happy to revisit soon!

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