Myanmar formally Burma and Loas

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In order to enter Myanmar, a communist society, you must leave your passport with them and get a new passport issued.  Then once you leave the country, you get your passport back and must give them the one that they made you.  It’s kind of a fun process.

I have to say that Myanmar is an interesting place.  The government is very wealthy due to the natural resources of the country (jade, gem stones and teak) but the people are extremely poor.  So there market was a bit different from Northern Thailands.


Roasted chestnuts, good where you get them.

This lady was just pulling chickens out by the neck.

The local pharmacy

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I thought the other markets in Hong Kong and Thailand interesting but Myanmar took it to a whole new level.  It makes you appreciate how incredible fortunate we are in the United States.  It was interesting though, the people make due and are so happy with so little.  There is a sense of simplicity that is beautiful.

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MSG anyone?
Natural sunblock
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Live eels!
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I’m not sure why anyone would want this?  I still don’t understand what it is.
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Local girl who made us coconut ice cream.
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Grubs waiting to be deep fried…it’s a treat!
Deep fried crickets…tasted like french fries (not bad at all).

Special Vodka’s from Loas.  All are effused with certain animals to make you stronger:  Tiger Penis, Snake, Gekko, Scorpion, and cricket.
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Tiger penis in case you were wondering. =)



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