I wanted to share more of my honeymoon moments in Thailand .  This is what you would find in Central and Southern Thailand.  The Thai food was amazing but the western food was terrible.  It looked good but the taste was just not there.  It’s so interesting how flavorful Thai food is but when it comes to making a dish that is a bit more simple, they miss the mark.

Day at the Market and Street Food.  I loved going to the market and taking pictures.
socialfoods_southernthailand13 socialfoods_southernthailand11 socialfoods_southernthailand10 socialfoods_southernthailand9 socialfoods_southernthailand8
The markets have a lot of dehydrated food items that are meant to be purchased and rehydrated when ready to be consumed.  It’s the perfect form of food preservation when you don’t have a refrigerated at home.
socialfoods_southernthailand7 socialfoods_southernthailand6 socialfoods_southernthailand5 socialfoods_southernthailand4 socialfoods_southernthailand3

Thai Cuisine: It was so good but a little spicy after two weeks of eating just Thai food…I was craving western food like crazy.  However, I have to say, the people of Thailand can cook!socialfoods_southernthailand1
socialfoods_southernthailand24 socialfoods_southernthailand25 socialfoods_southernthailand26 socialfoods_southernthailand27
Rice is a must at all meals!
socialfoods_southernthailand28 socialfoods_southernthailand29 socialfoods_southernthailand30
Weird rice thai puddle with gummy animals…NOT GOOD!
socialfoods_southernthailand38  socialfoods_southernthailand39
Tom Yum soup…doesn’t get any better!

I can’t remember what this was but it was amazing both sweet and spicy in one.

socialfoods_southernthailand41 socialfoods_southernthailand42
My weird but sweet birthday cake with lychee fruit. socialfoods_southernthailand40
Peppers anyone

The food was okay but the view was amazing.

Breakfast in Thailand: Simply amazing!  I wish this was all I ate in Thailand.  It was the perfect mix of Asian and Western food combined!
socialfoods_southernthailand32 socialfoods_southernthailand49 socialfoods_southernthailand48
Pastries, yes please!
socialfoods_southernthailand47socialfoods_southernthailand31 socialfoods_southernthailand23
Dragon Fruit, a dash of salt and it killed the bitter.  socialfoods_southernthailand21

socialfoods_southernthailand20 socialfoods_southernthailand22 socialfoods_southernthailand19 socialfoods_southernthailand18 socialfoods_southernthailand17 socialfoods_southernthailand16

Thailand’s take on Western food. It looks great but was TERRIBLE!!!!!
socialfoods_southernthailand36 socialfoods_southernthailand37 socialfoods_southernthailand45 socialfoods_southernthailand46 socialfoods_southernthailand50 socialfoods_southernthailand52 socialfoods_southernthailand51 socialfoods_southernthailand35 socialfoods_southernthailand34 socialfoods_southernthailand33

Our little Experiment
We caught a sea urchin and thought we could harvest it for Uni Sushi…. it did not work!  Then we felt bad for killing it for nothing.   But in the end, the sea urchin got me back by stinging me.

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