Life in Hong Kong

As promised, I wanted to share pictures from my honeymoon.  We didn’t do the usual honeymoon but rather explored Asia.  Our first stop was Hong Kong.  It is an interesting place that is a combination of metropolitan with a little something different.  The culture, atmosphere and scenery is so different from anything we have ever experienced.  It’s New York times ten with a little bit of rustic and harshness mixed all together.   Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.
Let the market begin….
socialfoods_hongkong2 socialfoods_hongkong1
Tripe anyone?
Yum…dragon fruit! My new love (the pink and green fruit above)
socialfoods_hongkong6 socialfoods_hongkong7 socialfoods_hongkong8
Veggies and fruit galore!

socialfoods_hongkong11 socialfoods_hongkong10 socialfoods_hongkong9 socialfoods_hongkong12 socialfoods_hongkong13
Live crabs tied up with rope.
Poor fish were still alive and some got bloat from being caught and pulled out of the water too fast. Poor fishies.
The fish market….so fun!
Turtle eggs! Wish this picture wasn’t blurry but you can’t get everything.
socialfoods_hongkong17 socialfoods_hongkong18 socialfoods_hongkong19
I’m not sure why this would be appealing to anyone.
socialfoods_hongkong20 socialfoods_hongkong21
These frogs were alive and you had to buy them by the bag.  I wanted to buy them and set them free but my husband said I couldn’t do that. Next time…I will!!!

socialfoods_hongkong22 socialfoods_hongkong23
Live eels!
socialfoods_hongkong24 socialfoods_hongkong25
Dried octopus and squid
The tea lady that kept selling us tea!  We didn’t know how to tell her we didn’t want anything. We left with bags of tea.
socialfoods_hongkong27 socialfoods_hongkong28

Just classic…I had to take a picture

socialfoods_hongkong30 socialfoods_hongkong31 socialfoods_hongkong32 socialfoods_hongkong33 socialfoods_hongkong34 socialfoods_hongkong35 socialfoods_hongkong36 socialfoods_hongkong37 socialfoods_hongkong38
The Dalmatian looking fruit is Dragon Fruit. 
Breakfast at the W Hotel….simply amazing.  If I ate like this every morning I’d weigh 40olbs! It had a bit of everything for everyone.  I think everyone left completely stuffed.

socialfoods_hongkong39 socialfoods_hongkong40 socialfoods_hongkong41
Local lunch spot…sooooo good!

Daytime snack at the W.  Sometimes you just want classic American food when you’re in a country that has nothing but spicy soups. Not that we were complaining but sometimes you just want a bit of home.

Like everywhere in the world, Hong Kong also has gelato!

Hong Kong was a success…next came the great city of Bangkok in Thailand.



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