Bottle Cap

Yum, yum, and yum.  The food was amazing, the service was okay but the waitress was funny.  She kept keeping us drinking so we’d forget that the kitchen was backed up.  This year old restaurant in North Beach was well worth it’s rave reviews.  All the food came out hot, delicious and beyond our expectations.  All the drinks kept our interests yearning for more.   This is a restaurant that I’ll definitely be revisiting in the very near future.

Bee’s Knees: Gin or Vodka, lemon juice, honey syrup and orange juice
This is why I was able to wait so long for my meal.  It was a meal in itself and made me forget how hungry I was.  I need to make this at home!

Roasted Chicken: Free-range breast & crispy leg, mushroom juc, gnocchi with broccolini, and mezzo secco cheese
This was my dish and it was simply AMAZING.  Everything in this dish was awesome.  The chicken was both crispy and juicy.  There is nothing worse than dry chicken.  The mushrooms were the first thing that I ate and then promptly devoured.  The gnocchi was like no other.  One of the best gnocchi I’ve ever had especially since they were soaking in mushroom jus.  Last the broccolini which I adore just blended right in.  Everything about this dish was wonderful.  I can’t wait to go back and have it again.

Spaghetti: Free range chicken meatballs, basil, roma tomato sauce, fiscalini cheese and garlic cheese
This is supposed to be a small plate but this was NOT a small plate at all.  It was huge but amazing.  I had a bit and was extremely impressed.  My fiancé who adores spaghetti and meatballs completely demolished this dish before our eyes.  He wanted a small plate because he wasn’t that “hungry” but ended up licking the sides clean in the end.

Grilled Hampshire Pork Chop: Roasted peach, sugar snap peas, white corn grits
I didn’t have any of this but apparently it was mouth watering.  There wasn’t anything left on the plate.  I’m not a huge pork chop fan which is why I didn’t request a bite.  However, maybe next time I’ll have a taste because of the rave reviews.

Location: North Beach
1707 Powell St. 
San Francisco, Ca 94133 

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