Lunching at Neiman Marcus’s The Rotunda

There is nothing like lunching at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco.  Plain and simple, it’s a treat and an experience.  There really is not much more that I can say but to show you exactly why!

Your first experience inside is this breath taking view.  It’s simply stunning.

Sitting at your table…this is your view.

Then your served a sweet tasty treat.  This day we were served a chicken broth that was incredibly tasty.

My love…Pop Overs with individual Strawberry Butter!  These are my favorite however, I’ve had better.

Neiman Marcus kindly gives us the calorie count before we make our meal selection.  I think that’s why the prices are so high.  All the time they put into counting calories takes time which cost money.

My meal selection, Dungeness Crab & Maine Lobster Melt: Avocado, white cheddar, brioche and spring greens at 720 Calories.  This sandwich runs $27 a plate.

My mom’s choice: Shrimp Green Goddess: Avocado, tomato, egg, greens, asparagus, cucumber, light green goddess dressing at 340 Calories.  This salad will set you back $24.

Finally, my aunts selection, Classic Chicken Salad: Avocado, toasted almonds and seasonal fruit at 570 Calories.    Only $19

Last…if you’re not going to have dinner, then you have to end such a tasty meal with a coffee.  But no ordinary coffee, a cappuccino.

As you can see, it was not cheap lunch but quite a fun experience especially since there was a Oscar de la Renta show going on.  So while we were eating, beautiful models and in unbelievable dresses graced our presence.  Everything I liked was well above anything I could afford.  My favorite dresses were only $7,000 to $9,000.

All and all, it was a good meal. It was not a great meal but it was something specially because its the type of place that you treat yourself to with your mom or some great friends to catch up.  It’s just something special that I think everyone should experience whether they only do it once in their life.  I highly recommend it and those are my two cents.

Location: Union Square
150 Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA 94108 


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