The Farmers Market

The farmers market never disappointments.  It always has something new and interesting to discover.  Even if you aren’t planning on buying anything, I guarantee you that you will not be leaving empty handed.

Another great thing about the farmers market is that you know what your getting is local, organic and great.  It’s surprising not as expensive as you might think and the quality is beyond any big chain grocery store or even a high end one.  By now, the consumer knows that local is always better than the massed produced products that you find at any big chain store.  Your produce is going to be a whole lot fresher which means that its going to be better for you.   There are two great sayings that I believe are essential when thinking about what you put on your plate.  “Quality not quantity,” and “You are what you eat.” If you stuff yourself with high massed produced products, you aren’t going to feel well.  You are losing nutrients that come from mass producing and from travel time it takes to get from the farm to your plate.  By supporting local farmers, you are not only doing something great for yourself but your community.  It’s also great on the enivornment since you’re not hauling food from one side of the country to the other. All and all, it’s a win win for everyone involved!

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